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Sun Apr 15 19:03:36 UTC 2007

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April 15, 2007

On Apr 15, 2007, at 11:47 AM, Adam Frost wrote:
> I updated the captions. Here is the address if you forgot. I  
> changed the title arrows to the sides because I felt that Cherie's  
> hand was moving to the side instead of forward, but it was good to  
> see that if they were forward that the arrows should have been  
> below. :-)
> When I was updating the captions, I had made the changes that you  
> explained in the last two emails before you sent them. I guess that  
> means that I am catching on. :-) Are there any other things that  
> needed to be changed? Because I changed the eyes looking forward in  
> the very end to be down arrows. (I don't think that you have  
> mentioned that yet.)
> And yes! This helps a lot. A question about the other hand shape  
> that you were showing. Doesn't that mean that the five hand fingers  
> are straight and not curled?


Hello Adam and Everyone!

Wow...that is what you call very very fast editing! Take a look at  
the changes everyone:

Here is the link...

It really is soo much better!! And I am glad you caught the  
eyegaze...yes of course that was needed caught it, good!

That is fine about the movement side with the fingerspelling if that  
is what you feel  it is...

The curled fingers version of that handshape is not in the IMWA are right, but when we wrote receptive by hand years ago we  
always wrote a curved version of it, so it does exist, but it has not  
been added to the IMWA yet...but you can see that that viewpoint fits  
well with videos and receptive...

So Adam, maybe you will be interested in creating ASL captions on  
videos with James Short when he comes back from Japan? We are talking  
about creating a real DVD that could be played in people's TV sets  
and computers, that provides a variety of styles of captioning in ASL  
to show people what variations are available...a little like a "proof  
of concept" to show people what is possible that may lead to some  
funding for a big ASL captioning effort...I could write a grant  
requesting funding for this concept...

Val ;-)

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