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On 4/15/07, Valerie Sutton <signwriting at> wrote:
> SignWriting List
> April 15, 2007
> So Adam, maybe you will be interested in creating ASL captions on
> videos with James Short when he comes back from Japan? We are talking
> about creating a real DVD that could be played in people's TV sets
> and computers, that provides a variety of styles of captioning in ASL
> to show people what variations are available...a little like a "proof
> of concept" to show people what is possible that may lead to some
> funding for a big ASL captioning effort...I could write a grant
> requesting funding for this concept...
> Val ;-)

I would love to do that. :-) I have to admit that the caption editing was
very easy. The only problem that I had with this whole thing (and you
touched on it a while ago) is that the SW as of right now can't be very
small and clear at the same time. With the video viewing screen on the
computer being so small, I could only fit about two signs per frame which
meant that each frame went by really fast. If there was a way to make it so
that the signs could be smaller, but not lose readability, then more signs
could stay on the screen longer much like English captions.

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