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In the past I used for American Sign Language the ase code. This is the code
that Google, Bing, Yahoo et al use to identify a language you know as ASL.
When you get an ASL Wikipedia, the code for that language will be

I appreciate your argument that many people will not like this code, it is
however the code that is part of the applicable standard. The use of the
code can be hidden from view in documents. The code is the same for any
written form of ASL. It is possible, not necessary, to further identify the
script used. The funny thing is, that as far as I am aware only SignWriting
has been registered with yet another standard, the CLDR.

The most specific code for ASL written in sign writing is ase-Sgnw

2009/11/30 SignWriting <signwriting at>

> SignWriting List
> November 30, 2009
> On Nov 25, 2009, at 2:32 AM, Gerard Meijssen wrote:
>> When you post on the Internet, is there a code that identifies a text as
>> ASL or better even as SignWriting ? It is one of the easiest and more
>> obvious ways of helping search engines.. All that it takes is including a
>> code as meta data in the document.
>> Thanks, Gerard
> Hello Gerard!
> At the moment, we are not there yet. Of course we post documents written in
> ASL or any other sign language all the time...literally hundreds if not
> thousands have already been posted by me, in our SignWriting Archives, and
> by others of course, and all those documents are in PDF format, so the
> directories grab the spoken language information in the PDF used to give the
> PDF a title, and so it is listed in Google...we are posting documents in
> written sign languages, but using spoken languages to list the titles in the
> internet directories...
> Google is in many countries and in time, when we are ready,
> i had planned to ask them to help us make written sign languages available
> in the titles of the Google listings...just haven't gotten there yet...
> Google, I understand, is around 80 per cent of the directory usage in the
> world, so I would love to work with them someday on this issue...
> Val ;-)
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