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>>   > I don't much like "FUT".
>Is it because a FU... -like not very nice abbreviation already exists
>in English?

That's not an abbreviation, it's an ancient and noble Germanic word...

No, I like the FU well enough. I don't like "transcription", and I
prefer Phonetic alphabet.
>>I am inclined to stick to it because it does seem that the
>>   > bulk of material written in it belongs to that branch of Uralic.
>Michael, in our proposal the evidence shown in the Figures comes for
>an important part from Samoyedic languages: Lehtisalo,
>Juraksamojedisches W├Ârterbuch (Fig. 39-57, 88). Also Fig. 67 has


>Actually I do not know what to do yet.

Translate "Finno-Ugric Phonetic Alphabet" and "Uralic Phonetic
Alphabet" into German and Finnish and taste them for a while,
comparing them to "International Phonetic Alphabet". Whichever one we
choose is the one which we will probably become the standard name
after our monograph on Unicode implementation becomes available.....
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