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Johanna Laakso johanna.laakso at univie.ac.at
Thu Jan 24 12:22:04 UTC 2002

Pleased to get information about this years coming course, but what is
"verbal culture???" Never heard of that term before, neither in
linguistics nor in ethnology. Besides, I have been on the course last year
and intend to go there again this year, but just in case, that the
organizers learned something from the "valuable culture programm" the
offered us last year and the critics they earned. We endured a visit to
the Kalashinikov museum in Izhkar, which has nothing to do with udmurtic
culture at all, a trip to Votkinsk was canceled due to fact, that our course
refused to deal with
Mr. Tshaikovski. He was born in Udmurtia, but he has nothing to do
with udmurt culture. (Please correct me If I'm wrong) I appreciate the
tries and support them, because these kind of language courses give
students from Germany good chances to learn the basics of these languages,
we don't get stipendiants as language teachers from these countries, as
our fellow students in Finnland and Hungaria. But if one has to experience
a trip to Kalashnikov museum as a part of an udmurtian culture programm...
I rather prefer what in the beginning of the 90 was called WYSIWYG, what
you see is what you get! In this case a "what you read is what you get"
And if I read about an Summer course Udmurtian language and culture, I
want to see Udmurtian culture. And if not, better two hours more grammar
than another trip to Kalashnikov museum...

With best regards, Florian Siegl
<flos at ut.ee>

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