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Tue Jun 15 05:45:02 UTC 1999

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Hello all,

Last week, I asked for help in locating ethnographic, linguistic,
linguistic and sociolinguistic studies of Sheedi or Seedi
communities, preferably in and around Karachi, but also elsewhere
in Pakistan and in India. I thank Helene Basu, Peter Hook, David
Lelyveld, and Francis Parmar, SJ for responding. I also thank
Tej Bhatia for reminding me to summarize the responses. Two
respondents mentioned that the music of Sidis may be of interest,
and one suggested that the Sidi music of Sind contains Swahili
lexical items. I am still trying to locate musical sources. Below
I list the references that I received without comment, since I
have not yet consulted them or searched for studies of Sid(d)i

Maggie Ronkin
Ph.D. Candidate, Sociolinguistics
Georgetown University
(by title)

Ahmadabad. c1988. George Michell and Snehal Shah (eds.); guest
author, John Burton-Page; chief photographer, Dinesh Mehta.
Bombay: Marg Publications.

(by author)

Basu, Helene. 1995. Habshi-Sklaven, Sidi-Fakire: muslimische
Heiligenverehrung im westlichen Indien. Berlin: Das Arab Buch.

Basu, Helene. 1998. Hierarchy and emotion: Love, joy, and sorrow
in a cult of black saints in Gujarat.  In _Embodying Charisma_,
Pnina Werbner and Helene Basu (eds.). Routledge.

Basu, Helene. 2000. Theater of memory: Kinship performances
of Sidi in Pakistan. In _Theories of Procreation in South Asia_,
Aparna Rao and Monica Boeck (eds.). Berg.

Tamaskar, B.G. 1978. The life and work of Malik Ambar. Delhi:
Idarah-i Adabiyat-i Delli.

In addition, Richard Pankhurst is editing a volume on the African
Diaspora in Asia which contains an article on Sidis in Sri Lanka.

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