FWD: South Asian Grammatical Literature Wanted

John Peterson jpeterso at UNI-OSNABRUECK.DE
Sat Aug 25 09:49:18 UTC 2001

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Professor Aklujkar  has asked me to forward this for him to the list. Please
don't respond to me but either to him personally or to the list.

> Dear Colleagues,
> I need specific references to literature that discusses the *traditional,
> pre-Western-influence* grammatical or linguistic literature in South Asian
> Indic languages (books or articles on traditional grammars, dictionaries,
> prosody descriptions, etc.) I have this information for Sanskrit, Pali,
> Prakrits, Tamil, Marathi, and (to some extent, I hope) Hindi. In the case
> Marathi, the following Marathi book contains the relevant information (as
> does on British-period Marathi grammars):
> Arjunavadakara, Krsna Srinivasa. 1992. Marathi vyakaranaca itihasa.
> Mumbai Visvavidyalaya, Marathi Vibhaga; Pune: Jnanamudra.
> In the case of Hindi, I hope that the following publication will be useful
> (I did not so far have time to actually see its copy in my university's
> library):
> Bhatia, Tej K. 1987. A History of the Hindi Grammatical Tradition:
> Hindi-Hindustani Grammar, Grammarians, History and Problems. Handbuch der
> Orientalistik. 2. Abteilung, Indien. Ergnzungsband 4. Leiden
> New York : E.J. Brill.
> Thus, my request primarily pertains to traditional grammatical/linguistic
> literature in the remaining major Indo-Aryan (Assamese, Bengali, Oriya,
> Punjabi, Gujarati, etc.) and Dravidian languages (Telugu, Malayalam,
> Kannada). For the latter, I can glean some references from S.
> Agesthialingom's 1973 book _A Bibliography of Dravidian Linguistics_.
> Especially, the proceedings of some seminars on grammars or grammatical
> theories in Malayalam etc. seem to have been published. However, if
> can provide a more up-to-date list (with bibliographical particulars as in
> the case of Arjunavadakara and Bhatia above) or guide me to a more recent
> bibliography, I will be grateful.
> Ashok Aklujkar
> Professor
> Dept of Asian Studies
> University of British Columbia
> Vancouver, Canada

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