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Dear all,
I am coding some Hindi child language samples, and came across
some sentences which got me wondering about the grammaticality
of the following types of sentences:
(1) yeh saaDii mai.n ne pehenii huii hai.
(2) aise phal mai.n ne khaaye hue hai.n.
(3) mai.n ne idhar biskut chupaa kar rakhe hue hai.n.
(4) idhar biskut rakhe hue hai.n.
(5) aurat salwaar kamiiz pehene huii thii.
A colleague of mine and I feel that "hue" can be used in intransitive
constructions (with a stative reading) and is usually incompatible
with "-ne", but I was wondering whether (1) to (3) are really infrequent
colloquial speech.  Are all of these sentences are equally acceptable
to other speakers of Hindi?
I would be very grateful for any comments on this.
Thanks very much,
Bhuvana Narasimhan

Dear Tej
In neither standard written nor spoken Hindi in the stative participial
constructions 'ne' is considered  appropriate. However, in some varieties of
spoken Hindi you might come across such constructions.


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