Language irregularities.

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In an earlier mail (regarding city renaming), I was critical
of non-phonetic spelling of "Question". Well, thinkers of
the past, decades ago, may have thought it was prudent
to keep relationship with word "Quest". I find English has
many merits, except for its irregular spellings. I work on
a parallel English, with simpler spellings, made phonetic
to a large extent. Even there I find it necessary to deviate
from the phonetic principles, in a few cases. Thus, plural
of (dog) is (dogs) with an easy rule of adding (s) for plural,
as in (cats). Actually (dogz) would be better phonetically.
Refer E01 E02 on my website ( and
note (e) on Index page. Probably every language has got 
some illogical features. In Marathi, we say, equivalent to
(insert shoe in foot) while really (foot is inserted in shoe).
Language is for people, and not just for scholars. People 
do not mind some odd features ! -- Madhukar N. Gogate
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