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List Description
ACLA-CAAL ACLA-CAAL Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics/Association
Ads-l The American Dialect Society Mailing List (Mirror)
Afamlanguage African American Language scholarship
Algonqdict Dictionaries of Algonquian languages
Algonqling Algonquian Linguistics
Algonquiana Algonquian Conference List
Alt The Association for Linguistic Typology
An-lang Austronesian Languages and Linguistics (Mirror)
Arabic-l Arabic Linguistics Mailing List (Mirror)
Athapbasckan-L Discussion of Dene and Na-Dene languages
Cadaad Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis across Disciplines
Cda-discuss Discussion group for readings in Critical Discourse Analysis
Celtling The Celtic Linguistics List
Chibolts List for CHIBOLTS (Mirror)
Chinook The Chinook Studies List
CMC-sling Sociolinguistics and CMC
Cogsci-interpreting A list to discuss cognitive, psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic investigations of interpreting
Corpora Text Corpora Distribution List (Mirror)
Critics-l Critical Discourse/Language/Communication Analysis (Mirror)
Cross-linguistic-databases Cross-Linguistic Databases (Mirror)
CSSN-SCO [no description available]
Cultural-Linguistics-list An email list for scholars and students interested in Cultural Linguistics
DGKL Mailing List of the German Cognitive Linguistics Association
Discours The Discourse Studies List
Dm-list The Distributed Morphology List
Edling The Educational Linguistics List (Mirror)
Endangered-languages-l The Endangered Languages List
Eprime List for E-Prime Experiment Generation System (Mirror)
Ethnocomm Ethnography of Communication
Etnolinguistica Listo por as linguas indigenas brasileiras (Mirror)
Etymologie-newsletter Mailingliste fur Etymologie (nur Ansage) (Mirror)
Fling List for Feminists in Linguistics
Gala-l International Gender and Language Association
Gothic-l Gothic Culture, History and Language (Mirror)
Heritage Heritage Language Education (Mirror)
Histling-l The Historical Linguistics Mailing List (Mirror)
HPSG-L Forum for discussion of Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar formerly mirrored from Stanford
I-LanD I-LanD Interuniversity Research Centre
IL-List Discussion of topics in Integrational Linguistics
Ilat Indigenous Languages and Technology (Mirror)
IndoLing Indonesian Linguistics
Info-childes General Issues in Child Language Development (Mirror)
Infoling Distribucion de informacion sobre linguistica espanola
IQMA International Quantitative Morphology Association
Ismil-list The International Symposia on Malay/Indonesian Linguistics (ISMIL) List
Japanling Japanese Language and Linguistics
Klang-list The ideophones and expressives discussion list
Language Quantitative methods in language change (Mirror)
LAP Linguistic Association of Pakistan
Ldr-general LDR Discussion Forum
Lexicography Discussion on theory and practice of lexicography (Mirror)
Lgpolicy-list Consortium for Language Policy and Planning List (Mirror)
Linganth Linguistic Anthropology Discussion Group
LingGEOG Language, Space & Place
LINGLITE The LINGUIST List (Lite version)
Lingtyp Discussion List for The Association for Linguistic Typology
linguisticaforense Lista de discussão sobre linguística forense / Discussion list on forensic linguistics (in Portuguese)
Ln Langage Naturel: Natural Language Processing Information (Mirror)
LOWLANDS-L Lowlands Languages & Cultures
My-hm Discussion list for Hmong-Mien / Miao-Yao linguistics
Nahuat-l Nahua Studies and the Nahuatl language (Mirror)
Nominal-classification Systems of Nominal Classification (Mirror)
Otomanguean-l The Otomanguean list
Parislinguists List for the linguistic community in Paris and France (Mirror)
Phon List for Phon and PhonBank components of CHILDES (Mirror)
Resource-network-linguistic-diversity Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity
Rgyalrong A forum for informal discussion on the non-Chinese languages of Sichuan
Rstlist Forum for the Discussion of Rhetorical Structure Theory (RST)
Rusling Linguistics in Russian Language
RVN The Rift Valley Network
Sealang-l Southeast Asian Languages
SEELANG Slavic and Eastern European Languages (Mirror)
Siouan Siouan Languages Mailing List (Mirror)
Slling-l The Sign Language Linguistics List (Mirror)
soundsymbolism A mailing list dedicated to sound symbolism.
stuts-announce Ank├╝ndingungsliste der StuTS
Sw-l SignWriting Discussion List
Teach-grammar For discussion of grammar-teaching in schools
Tibeto-burman-linguistics Discussion of Tibeto-Burman languages and linguistics
Ura-list Finno-Ugric languages and Linguistics (Mirror)
Vyakaran South Asian Languages and Linguistics (Mirror)
WorldWideWords World Wide Words

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