"Reilly's Law" ("Murphy's Law," Feb. 1955)

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Mon Jun 21 23:01:09 UTC 1999

    This is from ASTOUNDING SCIENCE-FICTION, February 1955, pg. 50:

By Lee Corey

   What's a test-pilot going to say when the crack-up of the magnificent new
ship came because...he went to sleep!

(Pg. 54, col. 1)

     "Reilly's Law," Guy Barclay said cryptically.
     "Reilly's Law," Guy repeated.  "It states that in any scientific or
engineering endeavor, anything that can go wrong _will_ go wrong."
     "Very true in rocketry," Karlter admitted.  "So we've got to put in
components we know to be reliable to the _nth_ degree."

    REILLY'S LAW?  "Murphy" was "Reilly"??
    I have a few more things to do.  First, I'll check the comments about
this story in the ASF Reader Mail.  Then, I'll check to see what else this
author has written.
    Special thanks to Mike Salovesh.

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