Off-topic: English or French? HOW ABOUT POLISH?

Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
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Big deal (although I am very fond of this nonsense). Whooooooeeeeee (as in
"Whooooooeee, it was the Tennessee ghost) means "penis" (acutally "prick"
or "dick," to keep our stylistic levels straight) in Polish (as the
investigation of any toilet-wall in that country will reveal).


PS: For Slavists, the spelling is, of course, "chuj," although, due to
phonemic collapse, the common toilet-wall spelling (except in the east of
the country, which did not suffer the collapse) is often "huj."

PPS: My favorite Polish-English funny is, however, the names of the three
Polish cowboys:

Dzien dobry,
Gene Autry

>I thought this was pretty neat.  One of the French folks who posts to the
>Unicode list gave this sentence to illustrate a point:
>Jean put dire comment on tape.
>(For those who don't speak French, it means "Jean [John] was able to say how

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