Tally-hassle; Condo Commandos

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Mon Nov 20 04:09:40 UTC 2000

TALLY-HASSLE--I've seen this a few times this week for Tallahassee, Florida.

CONDO COMMANDOS--There have been about 20 Dow Jones cites the past month.
>From an obituary for Anne Ackerman, 75, that ran in the LOS ANGELES TIMES,

   Her political friends included President Jimmy Carter, fellow Democrats
Walter Mondale and Michael S. Dukakis, and nearly every well-known Democratic
politician in Florida.
   Ackerman successfully roused retirees out of political apathy and
mobilized them into powerful voting blocs.  Famed for turnouts ranging more
than 90%, they were dubbed "condo commandos."

(Not in OED?--ed.)

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