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Wed Jul 11 13:34:53 UTC 2001

Barry's post reminded me of the vehicles with supersize tires, and other
ruggedized features, that commonly seen in the parking lots of various
geological tourist attractions in Iceland.  In some instances, those
vehicles will outnumber vans and automobiles in the lot.  Rugged
vehicles for traveling in rough terrain.

A search of the web didn't turn up any photos to match that which I'd
seen during my visit to Iceland in June of last year.  At least two
spellings can be found on the web, both Superjeep and superjeep.  The
web photos seem to feature the oversize tires on the vehicles.  The
raised axles, reinforced bottom plates, variety of roll bars, and other
features are not mentioned.

While superjeep is often used to refer to a modified Jeep, other
modified vehicles are often described with the same word.

George Cole  gscole at
Shippensburg University

Some photos, by following the links at:

The word isn't always used to describe a modified jeep:

A firejeep is shown at:

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