Brats and Brauts

Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Sun Jul 15 21:14:40 UTC 2001

To say that racoon is better than possum is to put it mildly. (No
comments from those who haven't eaten both! I don't care what your
Uncle Erbie said about it.)


><Jewls2u at WHIDBEY.COM> writes:
>>Bratwurst, on the other hand, produced 95 recipes. One of which was baked
>>raccoon, stuffed with bratwurst. I must confess if this dish were served to
>>me, I would require lots and lots of ketchup.
>Probably not, if it were presented masquerading as something customarily
>eaten. Raccoon is actually one of the most delicious wild meats our
>countryside offers.  Much better than woodchuck, possum or porcupine!
>A. Murie

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