Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Tue Mar 20 19:53:21 UTC 2001

 From Mark Mandel:

>RH gives /'taig l at x/ or so for "taiglach"/"teiglach".
>My grandmother and my mother-in-law always used /ey/, ['tejglax] or maybe
>['tejgl at x]. Is RH reliable here, or did someone read transliterated Yiddish
>as if it were German?

Webster's Third Intl. and AHD4 and RH all show both pronunciations /taig-/,

Maybe both pronunciations occur within Yiddish? I imagine (in my ignorance)
that Yiddish has variation at least partly parallel to that in German?
Standard German has "Teig" /taik/, "teigig" /taigIc/ ... I suppose
"teiglach" would be like "Teigel" /taig at l/ (if this word exists). [Any
expert, please correct me.] In Dutch, the word is "deeg" /dex/ or so (I
think). [Cognate with English "dough", I guess.]

-- Doug Wilson

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