Halloween pronunciation

Thu Nov 1 23:33:26 UTC 2001

I think it may be an analogy with 'hall' --and one of my students whom I just quizzed gave that explanantion. Of course, the word comes from "All Hallow E'en."  I don't think 'hallow' is pronounced as 'hollow.'  The American Heritage Dictionary gives only your pronunciation.
I have also noticed in the news the pronunciations NevAHda and ColorAHdo.  I never heard these pronunciations growing up and my mother, aunts, and grandmother always said (and insisted upon) Colorado, rhyming with 'bad'.  One of my students who is from Colorado insists on rhyming with 'bad' and adds that 'everyone says that in Colorado.'

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When did everyone start calling it Holloween?  I pronounce the a as a
short a.  I grew up in Illinois in the fifties and sixties and it always
strikes my ear wrong to hear Holloween.

Patricia Kuhlman
Brooklyn, NY
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