Chollas (1907)

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   OED has "challah" from 1937.  Merriam-Webster has it from 1927.
   I was looking forward to reading W. M. Rhoads' POKER, SMOKE AND OTHER THINGS (1907) today.  It has drink recipes, and I was looking forward to possibly seeing a daiquiri.  Of course, it's missing from the NYPL shelves, and I have to go on the usual cross-country search.
   David Shulman said he'd join me for Thursday's Andrew Smith lecture on "Talking Turkey."  Shulman did the phrase "talking turkey."  I'm paying both admissions ($25 and $30) which, of course, is more money than I've ever made.

by May Henry and Kate Halford
London: Wertheimer, Lea & Co.

Pg. 155:
   Proceed as for Vienna bread (see page 166); turn the dough, after it had risen 3 to 4 four hours, on to a figured board; cut off 2 good sized pieces to form the under part of the twists, then cut off 6 small pieces, roll each with the palm of your hand into a long thin roll and make them into 2 plaits of 3 each to form the tops of the twists; brush the top of each loaf with beaten yolk of egg, place the plait on top, brush that with egg and sprinkle with poppy-seeds.  Bake on a floured tin in a quick oven about 1/2 an hour.  If it sounds hollow when tapped underneath the bread is done.

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