ADS newsletter, at last

Mark.Mandel at LHSL.COM Mark.Mandel at LHSL.COM
Wed Nov 21 17:58:48 UTC 2001

Allan sez:

I could attach the pdf version to this message so that everyone on the list
would get it, but that seems too much unsolicited baggage for your inbox.

Thanks for your patience.

Thank YOU, very much! I have had go-rounds on many lists with people who
 - either assume everyone has a T-10 line, unlimited storage space, and the
same OS and all the same software that they have, and that the Internet has
an unlimited carrying capacity,
 - or are simply ignorant (but sometimes, blessedly, willing to learn) of
the size of their attachments.

I could handle a PDF here at the office, but that's not the point.

(And thanks also to Jesse for putting it on the Web so anyone who wants to
get it electronically can have it and no one else is forced to. That's the
best way.)

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