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Wed Dec 1 00:03:21 UTC 2004

        I've heard the story about one riot, one Texas Ranger many times before, but, I must say, never before expressed as well as by Jonathan.  Does anyone happen to know if it is true?

        Marsha, were you one of the two combatants, or just an observer?

John Baker

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Thank you, Marsha.  I've known that story for half my life but never had a chance to tell it till now.  It's a good'un.

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I'm sorry...I just have to tell Jonathan he made me LOL for real this =
dreary rainy morn. Thank you!

Reminds me of a bar fight I got myself stuck in the middle of in Austin =
in '96. Two women fighting over a cowboy. Lordy, I thought I'd never =
get out in one piece - knives, broken beer bottles, handfuls of hair! =
And the band played on, of course, just louder than before! :-)


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The Chief says, "What in blazes is this? I call the Texas Rangers to =
put down a riot and all they send is ONE little ol' Ranger?"

The Ranger shifts his chaw from one side to the other, squirts a brown =
stream o' juice, an' he says, "Hell, they's only ONE little ol' riot, =
ain't they?"

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