"New York Rangers" naming mystery (1926)

Wed Dec 1 23:42:34 UTC 2004

        Oh, and a slightly earlier use by someone other than GHWB is in the Wall Street Journal on 9/23/1985, in an article by Martha Bayles, apparently quoting a line from the television show Moonlighting:  "I'm not sure whether Hawkes would approve of such rapier thrusts of wit as "Maddie, do you know what this means? This means we are in deep doo-doo." "

John Baker

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        That seems kind of late.  The Wall Street Journal began an article on 2/21/1986 with "Munching popcorn and drinking beer on a recent return flight from China, Vice President George Bush muses on the changes in the People's Republic since he was envoy there in the 1970s. If a Chinese official back then had shown Americans the friendly familiarity displayed on this trip, he says, "he would have been in deep doo-doo." "   That article may have been the original use.

John Baker

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