"New York Rangers" naming mystery (1926)

FRITZ JUENGLING juengling_fritz at SALKEIZ.K12.OR.US
Fri Dec 3 18:31:04 UTC 2004

I dunno--all I know is what I hear on NPR.

>>> laurence.horn at YALE.EDU 12/02/04 07:21PM >>>
>I heard the other day that the Anaheim Angels want to 'relocate' in
>name only to Los Angeles.  LA doesn't want them to do that cuz the
>Angles are in Anaheim.

Is that true?  I was pretty sure it was Anaheim that didn't want them
to rebrand themselves as the Los Angeles Angels, not Anaheim--they
promised to become the Anaheim (instead of California) Angels a few
years ago when the town helped pay for the renovations to the "Big A"
(their stadium) and now, as I understand it, they want to renege
because L.A. is sexier than Anaheim.

>  So, there has been a proposal to name the team "The Los Angeles
>Angels of Anaheim."
Yeah, *that*'ll work.


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