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From: "Jonathan Lighter" <wuxxmupp2000 at YAHOO.COM>
> Thanks, Bruce.  Got any other exotic navy lingo that we should know about?
> JL

Hi JL,

I don't know about exotic, but here are a few that I managed to dredge from memories of a several decades ago.

Blivet - A reworked external aircraft fuel tank, with fuel systems removed, and a removable panel installed, attached to a weapon station, (on an aircraft), and used for transportation of parts, mail, documents, etc. when normal channels are too slow, not available, or inappropriate.

Fenderhead - Derived from those automobile tires lashed to the sides of watercraft, (fenders), used to describe a particularly dull- or dim-witted person.

Geedunk - Junk food snacks, doughnuts, etc., and also the place where these items are sold.

Reefer - Refrigerator, refrigerated room, etc.

Shitcan - A waste basket. Also used as a verb.

Gun-deck - To make record entries extremely after the fact. For example, training sessions may take place several times each week. Sometimes the training is not entered into individual's training records until just before records inspection time. Thus, all the entries are in the same ink, in the same handwriting, with no "defects" on any pages. Obvious to most inspectors. Origin from record keeping practices on gun decks, where, for obvious reasons, one cannot make expenditure records, etc., as event occur because things are just too busy, and it would be too dangerous. Also used to describe any hastily thrown together project that was supposed to have been done over time with much care and attention to detail.

Skivvies - Underwear

Rack - Bed

Bruce Hunter

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