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The Creem archive could be very productive.

"freek", Mar 1969 (first issue):
"They achieve this end by the employment of several well muscled, but
friendly (to freeks) bouncers."
[Note: this article also refers to "greasers" several times.  I get the
impression that it refers not to Mexicans, which definition the OED
contains, but to Blacks, which isn't in the OED.]

"literally" improperly used as "figuratively", Mar 1969.
"The temperature soon becomes unbearable, and, as the Five mount the
stage, the place is literally an inferno."

The Nov 1969 issue reprints an article about the "death" of Paul
McCartney, with a figurative use of "sand castle" (OED's first
figurative cite is 1975).
"Keep that in mind as we wander through the elaborate sand castle
constructed by the death theorists."

The June 1970 issue has an article about "dada rock".

A Lester Bangs article from Dec 1970 is just full of stuff:

I don't find this noun form of "hip" in the OED (but it's probably
there); from Creem 12/70:
"Well, a lot of changes have gone down since Hip first hit the
heartland. "

"doodle" as syn. for penis, 12/70
" Until then, though, it shore ain't no fun, so swagger with your
buddies, brag, leer at passing legs, whack your doodle at home at night
gaping at polyethylene bunnies hugging teddy bears, go back the next day
and dope out with the gang, grass, speed, reds, Romilar, who cares, some
frat bull's gonna buy us beer, and after that you go home and stare at
the wall all cold and stupid inside and think, what the fuck, what the

a figurative sense for "payload", 12/70:
" I've been building up through lots of questions and postulations and
fantasies, so not one dullard reading this and owning a stack of dated,
boring "rock" albums but no Stooge music can fail to comprehend, at
which time I will be able to get on to the business of describing the
new Stooges album. So here comes the payload."

"eye" as syn for television screen or monitor, 12/70:
" A friend and I were getting stoned and watching the TV eye's broadcast
of the Cincinnati Pop Festival the other night, when a great (i.e.,
useless) idea struck us."

"pube" for pubescent, 12/70:
"Jim Morrison, of late-how inspiring to see the onetime atropine-eyed
Byronic S&M Lizard King come clean stumbling around the stage with a
Colt 45 in hand and finally wave his dong at the teeny minions who came
there to see him hold both it and his gut in and give them some more
vivid production which communicated nothing real but suggested
everything a fertile pube brain could dredge up!"
[Note: I don't find "pube" as syn for pubic hairs in in the OED.  In
"Wayne's World", either the movie or the SNL version, Wayne said of
Garth:  "He's finally got pubes!"]

interdating of def (OED goes from 1907 to 1979), 12/70:
"Morrison def, does not get a pie in the face! "

This adjectival use of "jerkoff" doesn't match the OED ("Erotic;
encouraging masturbation. "), 12/70:
"Because beside the mawkish posturings and nickelodeon emotings of _'s
of the duds foisted on today's public, the earthy brilliance, power and
clarity of the Stooge music, though its basic components may resemble
those ready-made musical materials lying around in the public domain
like Tinkertoys for experimentation by every jerkoff group from
Stockholm to San Diego-it will nevertheless shine in the dark
carnivorous glow of its own genius."

postdate of "avatar" ("  4. loosely, Manifestation; display; phase.
1850, 1880"), 12/70:
"Both groups on both coasts claimed to be utilizing the possibilities of
feedback and distortion, and both claimed to be the avatars of the
psychedelic multimedia trend."

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