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Benjamin Zimmer bgzimmer at RCI.RUTGERS.EDU
Sat Dec 11 22:13:31 UTC 2004

On Sat, 11 Dec 2004 16:12:22 -0500, Laurence Horn <laurence.horn at YALE.EDU>

>Arnold's post on "carrot on a stick" vs. "carrot and (a) stick" adds
>one more reanalysis (in whichever direction) of this kind to an
>already bulging sheaf of them, many discussed on the list over the
>years, including inter alia "hand in/and glove", "puss in/and
>boots","in this day in age", "foot in mouth disease", "neck in neck",
>"tongue and cheek".   Then of course there are the reanalyses
>involving other representatives of the same [X at n] phonology, e.g.
>past participial -en ("black and red fish", "spittin'/spit an' image"
>< "spitten image" (see my recent Spitten Image paper in Am. Sp.),
>present participial -in (tender lovin'/love an' care, smokin'
>lightnin', clean shavin'), or non-morphemic -en, as in "Chip 'n'
>Dale" chairs < "Chippendale", "beckon call", "kitten caboodle", and
>so on.

Some more reanalyses for your list, though you probably have them already:

and -> in
by in large
one in the same
part in parcel

in -> and
once and a while
case and point (I've also seen this inverted as "point and case")

-- Ben Zimmer

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