yankee swap/chinese auction

Dale Coye Dalecoye at AOL.COM
Mon Dec 13 16:06:23 UTC 2004

In a message dated 12/13/2004 10:52:38 AM Eastern Standard Time,
vneufeldt at MERRIAM-WEBSTER.COM writes:
Actually, I think these sorts of terms are usually extremely fluid; a
person grows up with one term or set of terms and then discovers that
it's all different -- even opposite -- in other places.
Yes, that's right.  And the other thing that's interesting is how calling it
a "Chinese" Auction brings with it the idea that it's a bit nutty, like those
amusing Chinese people themselves, while calling it "Yankee" is not negative
at all, it carries with it a sense of pride, quaint heritage and those kinds of
positives , doesn't  it?

Dale Coye
Wilton NH

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