moustaches: "miniature baseball nines"

Cohen, Gerald Leonard gcohen at UMR.EDU
Tue Dec 14 02:21:14 UTC 2004

Bill Mullins asks:
        "Miniature baseball nines??? What is the allusion?"

I suppose it has something to do with the many 19th century baseball players who sported moustaches.

Gerald Cohen

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>  From _The Tiger Claw_, yearbook of the class of 1929, The University High School, Columbia MO, p. 73
> From a description of attending a dance:
> "The moustache was what made the hit with the girls.  Now, if you want to be a mean, you can ask if it got in the way while it was making the hit, but that wasn't what I meant.  I always have wondered why men wore those
> miniature baseball nines on their upper lips.  But when I saw how the girls liked to "fix" mine, I understood."
> Miniature baseball nines??? What is the allusion?

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