Sam Clements SClements at NEO.RR.COM
Thu Dec 16 03:24:43 UTC 2004

I've read the archive.  I've read the websites of members


Maven's Word of the Day(Random

My questions:

1.  Has anyone put forth a good reason why it COULD NOT HAVE come from the
Gaelic "cie bas" = "black cap" theory?  Along with this, is there any new
evidence that would further this being the source of the word?  And, how far
back can the "cie bas" phrase be found meaning what "kibosh" means?

2.  Why is the word "bosh" NOT related to "kibosh?"  I understand that
"bosh" is supposedly from the Turkish.  But why couldn't it have been
related to "kibosh?"  The close timeframe of such related terms would seems
to be made to order for their being related.  I know this isn't a sufficient
reason for them to be related, but, they COULD be.  At least, IMHO.

Sam Clements


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