"blow (one's own/someone else's) mind" (with implications for cognitive science)

Neal Goldfarb NGoldfarb at TIGHEPATTON.COM
Wed Dec 22 14:43:29 UTC 2004

Larry Horn wrote: "The first conjunct ("she blew my nose") I've always
assumed is an obvious reference to coke, but I was never sure about the
mind--could be taken either way, or as a simple metaphor (she caused me
to blow my mind, in an unspecified way).  If taken on what I presume to
be Jonathon's "coarse" reading, we seem to have "mind" as an earlier
metonymic precursor of our more recent "(give) brain/skull/dome"
locutions, although I'm not sure there are any "give mind" cites to turn
up*--the closest I could find on google was for an instructional video
on "how to receive and give mind-blowing head", which is, to be sure, an
interesting concept."

"She blew my mind" is actually a pretty straightforward way to refer to
a blowjob if you're someone who thinks with his dick.

Neal Goldfarb

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