"talie" slang lists (1929)

Dave Hause dwhause at JOBE.NET
Thu Dec 23 03:12:20 UTC 2004

While at Eglin AFB, you might also try the adjacent Hurlburt Field, where
the AF Special Operations folks live - I seem to remember a museum with,
among other things, an A-26 (B-26 bomber converted to an attack craft with 8
.50 cal. machine guns.)
Dave Hause, dwhause at jobe.net
Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
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WHERE IS BARRY POPIK'S NEXT TRIP?--I was thinking of taking Jet  Blue to
Florida, eventually to Fort Walton Beach, and checking out stuff at  the
Elgin Air
Force Base for "the whole nine yards" and other slang. For after  the
holidays, in January. Any thoughts/suggestions?

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