second thoughts on Nkinis

Mark A. Mandel mamandel at LDC.UPENN.EDU
Sat Dec 25 17:40:48 UTC 2004

Jim Landau writes:

an ADS-L member, who I will not cite by name, was I understand once
suffering chemotherapy for non-Hodgkins's lymphoma.  Said member wrote:

>(who in fact coward 1/3 of the way out of his own 4th B cycle a
>couple of years ago)

Forsooth!  Dr. non-Hodgkins will be ashamed of you!

If you are scolding our colleague for backing out of medical treatment that
(so far as I know) neither you nor I have had to endure, I have nothing to
say. If you are commenting on the use of "coward" as a past tense verb, I
second the motion. If you're complaining about the spelling of the name, I
also agree, although that's an understandable confusion and IMHO quite
excusable: the correct "Hodgkin" is much less common than "Hodgkins".

But if you dislike the negated eponym, you're out of luck; it is standard
medical terminology. See the American Cancer Society's page on it


and my instructions to the annotators who work for me in the project on
information extraction from the biomedical literature for which I am
research administrator

in the bulleted list, under "eponymy").

Mark A. Mandel, Research Administrator
Biomedical Information Extraction, Linguistic Data Consortium
University of Pennsylvania
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