second thoughts on Nkinis

Arnold M. Zwicky zwicky at CSLI.STANFORD.EDU
Sat Dec 25 18:07:45 UTC 2004

On Dec 24, 2004, at 12:12 PM, Wilson Gray wrote:

> On Dec 23, 2004, at 11:19 PM, Arnold M. Zwicky wrote:
>> ...this is, if anything, even harder to imagine.  but, hey, 2 mills
> "Mill" is the local St. Louis term for what is officially a "Missouri
> sales-tax token," originally made of some metal [zinc?] and later of
> plastic in red and green denominations. Is the term in use elsewhere?

a mill is 1/1000 of a dollar, 1/10 of a cent.  so far as i know, "mill"
is in all american dictionaries.

property tax rates are frequently specified in mills, and so are
sometimes called "millage rates", or just "millages".


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