second thoughts on Nkinis

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sun Dec 26 18:56:30 UTC 2004

At 12:50 PM -0500 12/26/04, James A. Landau wrote:
>In a message dated > Sat, 25 Dec 2004 12:40:48 -0500,  "Mark A. Mandel" <
>>  mamandel at LDC.UPENN.EDU> kvetches:
>>     >>>>>
>>  an ADS-L member, who I will not cite by name, was I understand once
>>  suffering chemotherapy for non-Hodgkins's lymphoma.  Said member wrote:
>>  >(who in fact coward 1/3 of the way out of his own 4th B cycle a
>>  >couple of years ago)
>>  Forsooth!  Dr. non-Hodgkins will be ashamed of you!
>>  <<<<<
>>  If you are scolding our colleague for backing out of medical treatment that
>>  (so far as I know) neither you nor I have had to endure, I have nothing to
>>  say. If you are commenting on the use of "coward" as a past tense verb, I
>>  second the motion.
>Neither of the above.  I was merely suggesting that the existence of a
>disease called "non-Hodgkin['s] lymphoma" implies the existence of
>an eponymous Dr.
>non-Hodgkin who was a pioneer in the diagnosis and/or treatment of the
>Our colleague did not "back out of medical treatment."  By his own statement,
>during his 4th B cycle he merely requested his doctor to reduce the
>chemotherapy to 2/3 of the usual dosage, else he would have said
>that he had "coward
>all the way out" of said treatment.
Actually, to be more accurate, I have it on good authority that the
doctors suggested cutting it back, given the damage the previous B
cycle had done to his blood counts, and he agreed.

Speaking of which, wonder what the first cite is for "the
operation/treatment was a success but the patient died".


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