Bougatsa (Greek dessert) and Titan Foods

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BOUGATSA--3,370 Google hits, 63 Google Groups hits
"Bougatsa," of course, is not in the OED ("miserable on food"). I don't  seem
to have discussed this before. This is enough entry for the food dictionary
that I'm not writing.
I saw "bougatsa" at Titan Foods (_www.titanfood.com_
( ), 25-56 31st Street,  Astoria, on my Queens walk today. Titan Foods
declares itself to be "America's  Largest Greek Specialty Food Store."
I bought there the cook book GREEK PASTRIES AND DESSERTS by Vefa  Alexiadou
(Thesasalonika; 1989, seventh edition 2003). "Bougatsa with cream" is  on page
Chicago has a Greek town, but I didn't notice "bougatsa" yet in ProQuest
Historical Newspapers. Maybe it will appear in the Chicago Tribune in the 1960s
or 1970s.Look for it. Meanwhile, there are a ton of English language hits on
    _need  recipe for Bougatsa (Greek confection)_
We went to a  Greek Festival and discovered Bougatsa. Starting ... out. I
have two
recipes for bougatsa, one in each of two Greek  cookbooks. ... (  -
Sep 25 1991, 4:50 am by roger campbell - 3 messages -  3 authors

   _Recipe for Bougatsa_
Hi  everyone! I was wondering if anyone out there has a recipe for  bougatsa.
... With
a wide spatula, lift the  bougatsa and invert onto a cookie sheet. ... (  -
Jun 25 2000, 11:10 pm by notbob - 8 messages - 6  authors

... Hello  all! Last time I was in Greece, I ate Bougatsa. ... Now I  have a
great problem,
since I'm back home. How to make  bougatsa?? Does anyone know the receipt?
_soc.culture.greek_ (
- Oct 5 1996, 11:51 am by Nick McLand - 2 messages - 2  authors

Bougatsa A recipe from Adelaide-based cook and author, Irini  Germanos. Filo
parcels, filled with ricotta cheese, cream  cheese, flour and cinnamon. ... (
- Sep 26 1999, 1:22 am by connie g - 1 message - 1  author

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