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movie ad (OED3 1951)

1915 _Chicago Daily Tribune_ 5 July 8/2 (heading) Movie ads as come-ons.

movie advertisement (OED3 1918)

1915 _Chicago Daily Tribune_ 5 July 8/2 When a movie advertisement reads
that the "police positively prohibit the admission of any one under 21" a
situation is created which cannot be observed other than with chagrin by
any one interested in perfecting the censorship system.

movie buff (OED3 1973)

1958 _New York Times_ 10 April 32/2 Louis de Rochemont made it, and Mr. de
Rochemont, as every movie buff should know, has done more to put the sea
in cinema than anyone making films.

movie business (OED3 1916)

1913 _(Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin) Daily Commonwealth_ 30 May 5/2 (heading)
Martin embarks in movie business.

1913 _(Oshkosh, Wisconsin) Daily Northwestern_ 8 July 5/5 Mr. Goggins has
gone into the "movie" business.

movie camera (OED3 1915)

1913 _Lincoln (Nebraska) Daily News_ 19 May 2/5 To many of the wholesale
business houses of Lincoln, to railroad shops and store-houses, to state
house and several public buildings and institutions in and about Lincoln,
went the movie camera men today.

1913 _Fort Wayne (Indiana) News_ 26 Sept. 20/3 Somewhat behind the astern
teams in getting started, but now right down to business, there is more
football being demonstrated and practiced through the central west today
than a busy boy with a movie camera could lamp in a week.

movie cowboy (OED3 1926)

1913 _Los Angeles Times_ 13 Oct II-7/3 The sport programme will be an
especially attractive one, a Wild West section led by Tom Mix, a "movie"
cowboy hero, who is far from being an imitation on the range.

1914 _Los Angeles Times_ 2 April II-9/2 The death watch at San Quentin was
today placed over Thomas Green, the movie cowboy, who killed Cashier
Bowles of the Blythe Bank, and he was placed in the death chamber.

1914 _Los Angeles Times_ 11 Sep. III-4/1 (heading) Movie cowboys a shock
to Will Rogers.

movie film (OED3 1915)

1913 _New York Times_ (Sunday Magazine) 13 April V-9/6 To me, fresh and
green as a head of lettuce, with a mind, after years of the great
outdoors, as sensitive to impressions as an unused "movie" film, the
cosmopolitan world beneath its roof, bright, kaleidoscopic, is

movie hero (OED3 1918)

1913 _Los Angeles Times_ 5 Sep. II-5/1 (heading) Horse movie hero.

1913 _Lincoln (Nebraska) Daily News_ 22 Sep. A6/3 (heading) "Handsome
Jack" lacks proportions of "movie" heroes.

movie house (OED3 1914)

[1912 _New York Times_ 9 Nov. 22/5 (heading) Woman who bought "movies"
house sues ex-owners for $25,000.]

1913 _(Oshkosh, Wisconsin) Daily Northwestern_ 23 Jan. 6/5  It sure must
be a hard job to attract persons and capital to a city that has nothing to
offer except cheap" vaudeville and "movie" houses.

movie industry (OED3 1928)

1914 _Lima (Ohio) Daily News_ 4 Sep. 4/1 These are good actresses and
expert operators of the camera, but they cannot impersonate men and so the
great French movie industry is at a standstill.

movie king (OED3 1917)

1913 _Chicago Daily Tribune_ 29 April 3/3 (heading) "Movie" kings busy in

movie magazine (OED3 1929)

1914 _Chicago Daily Tribune_ 10 Jan. 11/2 (heading) Offers "movie" magazines.

1916 _Chicago Daily Tribune_ 28 Sep. 6/3 If Cerberus, says a movie
magazine, could bark in three languages, "Edith Storey is entitled to a
dozen craniums, such is her versatility."

movie maker (OED3 1915)

1912 _Los Angeles Times_ 9 Sep. II-5/2 The cheetah is a long, sleek, ugly
cat, but the movie-maker also had to face lions, leapords, ostriches that
kicked, hyenas that bit, hippopotomi that sulked, and more beasts and
birds of queer description than a gentleman beholds after a month of
woo-woo cocktails.

movie making (OED3 1916)

1914 _Syracuse Herald_ 12 July 13/1 Something out of the ordinary run of
movie making is shown.

1914 _Chicago Daily Tribune_ 24 Aug. 8/1 This well contrived bit of
pleasant drama is a sort of crystallized formula for the Griffith method
of movie making.

movie man (OED3 1915)

1912 _Chicago Daily Tribune_ 29 Aug. 3/4 (heading) Writs served on 'movie'

movie medium (OED3 195)

1929 _New York Times_ 25 July 24/7 How many hundreds of educated Americans
... have come away utterly distressed that such a poorly constructed and
directed film is permitted to be shown to the thousands for whom the movie
medium should prove an enlightenment!

movie operator (OED3 1922)

1912 _Lincoln (Nebraska) Daily News_ 23 Sep. A-10/3 (heading) "Movie"
operators not responsible for man's death.

movie palace (OED3 1917)

1913 _Frederick (Maryland) Post_ 8 July 8/5 At the present time there are
several "movie palaces" being constructed at a cost greatly in excess of
the last named figure.

movie picture (OED3 1916)

1909 _(Elyria, Ohio) Evening Telegram_ 1 April 1/6 Fourteen Elyria stage
hands have formed a union to be affliated with the Theatrical Stage
Employees and Movie Picture Operators Union [sic].

1911 _Colorado Springs Gazette_ 16 May 37/2 Huerta wept when he saw a
movie picture of Villa capturing Torreon.
[page number as reported by Newspaperarchive - illegible on page image]

movie play (OED3 1915)

1913 _Los Angeles Times_ 21 July II-3/4 In addition to this, the
participants in the ball will see the first public demonstration in
America of how a moving picture is made, Fred Mace and the members of the
Majestic Film Company having arranged to bring their equipment to the
Auditorium and stage a "movie" play.

1913 _New York Times_ (Sunday Magazine) 3 Aug. V-4/7 (heading) Career of a
"movie" play.

movie projector (OED3 1942)

1916 _Washington Post_ 18 June M-2/1 (heading) Movie projector for salesmen.

movie queen (OED3 1920)

[1912 _Washington Post_ (Sunday Magazine) 22 Dec 2/3 (heading) "Movies"
queen on stage; Mary Pickford deserts film features for a Belasco career.]

1914 _Los Angeles Times_ 26 Feb. II-1/4 Nadine and Yvonne de Ojeda..were
among the merry party that partook of the hospitality of the movie queen.

movie rights (OED3 1920)

1913 _Los Angeles Times_ 20 Sep. II-1/5 (heading) Movie rights come high;
Jack London sues to restrain screen productions of his work, and to
recover damages.

movie scenario (OED3 1917)

1913 _Indianapolis Star_ 13 June 8/4 Suggestion to movie scenario writers.

1914 _Marion (Ohio) Daily Star_ 7 Jan. 3/6 Here is a movie scenario in two
parts, enacted in real life.

1914 _New York Times_ 12 Feb. 9/3 (heading) No protection for movie

movie script (OED3 1950)

1917 _Bismarck Tribune_ 18 Dec. 4/3 (heading) Steer changes movie script
to suit himself.

movie show (OED3 1913)

1912 _Chicago Daily Tribune_ 25 Aug E2/6 (heading) $5,000 will start
"movie" show.

movie star (OED3 1915)

1913 _Lima (Ohio) Daily News_ 16 May 13/1 (heading) Universal City,
California, only municipality in world in which entire population consists
of "movie" stars, swept by a "votes for women" crusade.

movie studio (OED3 1914)

1913 _Los Angeles Times_ 20 June III-1/6 (heading) Taking Le Doux around
town; Saw the Indian chiefs at "movie" studio.

movie test (OED3 1952)

1924 _Zanesville (Ohio) Signal_ 4 March 7/3 Motion picture producers, if
convinced by photos that a girl might be a find, would take the trouble to
have a movie test made of her at home.

movie theatre (OED3 1915)

1913 _Los Angeles Times_ 19 May I-5/2 Kentucky society was shocked after
seeing itself on a motion picture screen in a 10-cent movie theater,
turkey-trotting and cutting up generally.

movie world (OED3 1914)

1913 _Frederick (Maryland) Post_ 18 Sep. 3/3 The Countess of Warwick has
entered the "movie" world as a writer of scenarios and has thrown open
Warwick Castle, with its thousands of acres of deer park and woodland as a
setting for dramas.

-- Ben Zimmer

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