WOTY press release

AAllan at AOL.COM AAllan at AOL.COM
Mon Dec 27 21:31:07 UTC 2004

Yes, we don't intend to hide our light under a bushel with regard to Words of
the Year. Here's a press release you can provide to any curious media person,
or any curious person, or yourself if you want to prepare properly for the
big event January 7. For ADS members and friends, the most useful feature is a
complete handy list of all previous choices in all previous votes, going back
to the beginning in 1990.

Grant has posted it in the news section of the ADS website for all to see.
You can get right to it by going to:


- Allan Metcalf

PS: I still say "with regard to," but have you noticed that a very
substantial minority prefer "with regards to"?

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