"Winning isn't everything, but losing is nothing" (1971)

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Tue Dec 28 06:36:57 UTC 2004

"For the Jets, winning isn't everything, but losing stinks," said a NY
television sports anchor today.
This ending is a little different than "winning isn't everything, it's the
only thing." Muskie is reported as saying this in 1972 or 1973 on
The 1978 citation is intriguing. Does this come from Joe E.
Lewis?...ProQuest just went down, but there is a 1932 hit for "everything but  losing" that I
didn't look at yet.
20 June 1976, New York Times, pg. 156:
As one skipper put it today, "Winning may not be everything, but losing is
23 November 1978, New York Times, pg. D12:
"I remember the old comic, Joe E. Lewis, talking about horseplayers in his
act one night," Al Rosen was saying yesterday. "He said, 'Winning isn't
everything, but losing is nothing.'"
1 May 1981, Washington Post, pg. F4:
A's such as Keough, who suffered through the indignity of 14 straight  losses
in 1979, are flying. "Let me tell you something," he said. "Winning isn't
everything. But losing stinks."
4 May 1971, Oshkosh (WI) Daily Northwestern, pg. 19, col. 7:
Campbell quoted his Jaycee motto: "Winning isn't everything, but losing
isn't anything."
28 June 1971, Chronicle-Telegram (Elyria, Ohio). pg. 8, col. 4:
I went upstairs and scrawled on a cardboard Paul's favorite motto, "Winning
isn't everything, but losing is nothing!"

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