Microneighborhood; Eddie Layton dies ("Charge!")

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Tue Dec 28 07:20:04 UTC 2004

NEW YORK magazine, 3 January 2005, pg. 40, has an article "The Rise of the
Microneighborhood." Look for that buzzword to spread.
The issue itself pulled me in with it's cover of "WHERE TO EAT 2005." The
cover photo is of a woman with cherry red lips eating a strawberry--an erotic
image that's tired by at least twenty years. It was used with Nastassja Kinski
in the movie TESS and then Kim Basinger in 9 1/2 WEEKS. Just in case you
didn't understand the sexual image here, it appears again on page 21 and again
on page 25 and again on page 29. The new, redesigned NEW YORK
magazine--cutting edge for 1984.
My web site has over 120 new or unique hits today, with a run on "Eddie
Layton" requests. Every once in a while, there will be a run on "23 skidoo" or
"hymietown" or, lately, "waldorf salad." I checked around.
Eddie Layton has died. He was the organist who invented "Charge!"


Eddie Layton, a New York Sports Fixture, Is  Dead

Published: December 28,  2004
Eddie Layton, a sports institution in New York as the organist at Yankee
Stadium and Madison Square Garden, died Sunday at his home in Forest Hills,
His death was announced by the Yankees, who said it came after a brief
illness. Layton customarily declined to reveal his age, but he was believed to  be
in his late 70's.
When he was hired in 1967 to play for the Yankees, Layton had never been to
Yankee Stadium and knew nothing about baseball.
"I thought that a sacrifice fly had something to do with killing an insect,"
he recalled in an interview with National Public Radio, shortly after his
retirement at the end of the 2003 baseball season. "I didn't know where first
base was or third base. But I quickly learned within a week, and I started
doing  the famous chants, the hand-clapping things, and the
"And I was the first guy to do that," he said of the "charge."

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