gleeking (= squirting saliva)

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Thu Dec 30 04:50:52 UTC 2004

My daughter and her friend both remember "gleeking" from their late
elementary school days (1989-90) in St Paul MN and Missoula MT,
respectively.  In that context it referred to squirting a tiny stream of
saliva directly from one's salivary glands.  Now my father does this
unintentionally all the time, but they maintain that classmates of theirs
learned to do it deliberately.

Interestingly, Google Groups has no occurrences of 'gleeking' at all prior
to 1994.  In 1994 there are a spate of posts that use or refer to gleeking
as a Shakespearean insult.  The earliest post illustrating youthful ectopic
ejaculation follows:
Newsgroups: rec.martial-arts
From: actionv... at (ActionVrb2)
Date: 1995/05/23
Subject: Re: finger in the eyes?
. . .  I saw a guy on David
Letterman snort milk up his nose and squirt it out his tear ducts. Given
the fact that most kids have access to milk at the age when they like to
gross people out it should be common to see kinds [sic] gleeking milk out their
eye sockets according to the above logic, but to date I've only witnessed
this one instance of elactulation :)

The earliest post referring specifically to salivary ejaculation is in
alt.rap dated Mar 11, 1996
. . .
-Gleeking (squirting spit from outta under your tongue and bottom teeth -
I could never get it to work for me)
. . .

My daughter and her friend wonder how far back this term goes, and whether
it has any connection with Shakespeare's use.

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