gleeking (= squirting saliva)

Dave Robertson ddr11 at UVIC.CA
Thu Dec 30 19:06:52 UTC 2004

We often spoke of gleeking (a word I've never seen written till today) when
I was in junior high school in Spokane, WA, from 1978-81.  True gleeking was
intentional, a skill mastered by an admired few.

--Dave Robertson

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> My daughter and her friend both remember "gleeking" from their late
> elementary school days (1989-90) in St Paul MN and Missoula MT,
> respectively.  In that context it referred to squirting a tiny stream of
> saliva directly from one's salivary glands.  Now my father does this
> unintentionally all the time, but they maintain that classmates of theirs
> learned to do it deliberately.
> Interestingly, Google Groups has no occurrences of 'gleeking' at all prior
> to 1994.  In 1994 there are a spate of posts that use or refer to gleeking
> as a Shakespearean insult.  The earliest post illustrating youthful
> ectopic
> ejaculation follows:
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> Newsgroups: rec.martial-arts
> From: actionv... at (ActionVrb2)
> Date: 1995/05/23
> Subject: Re: finger in the eyes?
> . . .  I saw a guy on David
> Letterman snort milk up his nose and squirt it out his tear ducts. Given
> the fact that most kids have access to milk at the age when they like to
> gross people out it should be common to see kinds [sic] gleeking milk out
> their
> eye sockets according to the above logic, but to date I've only witnessed
> this one instance of elactulation :)
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> The earliest post referring specifically to salivary ejaculation is in
> alt.rap dated Mar 11, 1996
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> . . .
> -Gleeking (squirting spit from outta under your tongue and bottom teeth -
> I could never get it to work for me)
> . . .
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> My daughter and her friend wonder how far back this term goes, and whether
> it has any connection with Shakespeare's use.
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