Football "Hut" (1956)

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"Why is it called 'hut'?"--the announcers to each other on Monday Night
Football last Monday. John Madden thought it was from the word "hike."
Maybe they want pizza?
This is one for Ben Zimmer or you military men, but I'll start it off  before
4 October 1956, Newport (RI) Daily News, pg. 17, col. 2:\
"Hut one, hut two, hut three..." and fullback Nick Barbato is off to  another
five yard gain for De La Salle.
12 August 1965, Daily Times News (Burlington, NC), pg. 4B:
Will Joe Namath be barking "Hut, Hut" as a $400,000 quarterback awaiting  the
snap from center or marching to that cadence as a $78-a-month member of
Uncle Sam's team?
1 April 1966, Los Angeles Times, pg. B5:
"I've always admired George Allen and I wanted to be associated with him,"
said the swarthy linebacker, who was once accused of jamming Ram quarterback
signals in an incident which is now referred to as the "hut-hut caper."
Any relation to "The Hut Sut Song"?

_Misheard Lyrics Arranged by Song_
( -> The Hut Sut  Song

_Sammy  Kaye_ ( 's,
"The Hut Sut Song"
Misheard  Lyrics:
Hut sut Ralston on the rila rah and the brawla  suit
Correct Lyrics:
Hut Sut Rawlson on the  Rillarah and the Bralla Bralla  Suet

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