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Definition of Muckety-Muck

The origin of this word for an important person is from the Chinook Jargon
muck-a-muck, meaning plenty of food. A visitor or guest who was important
would rate a banquet. It made is published appearance in English in 1856.
It's unrelated to the English word muck. Chinook Jargon, not to be confused
with the native American language Chinook, was a pidgin used by traders in
the American Northwest with Chinook, Nootka, English, and French at its core.

Karen Ellis

At 09:29 AM 12/30/2004, you wrote:

>Mucky Mucks
>Mo/rga Mo/rgas
>Great, exalted, august, majesty. (often used derisively)
>Mo/rga (pron. morkee), a..    Great, exalted; august,  majestic.
>Mo/rgas (pron. morkas),m..  Greatness, majesty.   A  Mho/rgacht, His Majesty.
>Daniel Cassidy
>The Irish Studies Program
>New College of California
>San Francisco

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