Re:       "Early American Newspaper" is late

RonButters at AOL.COM RonButters at AOL.COM
Fri Jun 11 01:14:52 UTC 2004

It would be useful to me--and maybe some others--if Barry would give us her 
e-mail address. I would definitely want the Duke library to subscribe. Or, if 
private subscriptions are available, I might do it myself!

In a message dated 6/10/04 12:41:53 PM, Bapopik at AOL.COM writes:

>    I e-mailed READEX again.  "Early American Newspapers" was due out "first 
> quarter 2004," then "end of May."  Now it's "end of June."
>    At last night's Culinary Historians of NY event, I told the CHNY 
> president that we shouldn't do the OXFROD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN FOOD AND DRINK 
> without it.  There might be a "cocktail" in it.  She didn't know about the 
> database.  Of course, she didn't know about me, either...
> Barry Popik
> Dear Mr. Popik,
> Thank you for your email.  Currently we anticipate the initial release date 
> of our Early American Newspapers-Digital Edition to be released at the end of 
> this month (June).  If you would like, when it does become available I will 
> notify you as I see that the New York Public Library has indeed purchased 
> access to it.
> Please confirm if you would like email notification when it is available.
> Best regards,
> Janet
> Janet Scullin
> Customer Support
> Readex - NewsBank

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