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That is a question I'm wrestling with... Some catchphrases are words too.

  Here's something else I'm wondering about: is a snowclone a word? I wonder if I should include templates like "pimp my X" and "stupid X tricks." I'm leaning toward yes.


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> I'm working on a big project about words (not catchphrases) that started on TV shows. I'm interested in both successful and unsuccessful words, and I already have a boatload of terms from the usual suspects (Seinfeld, Simpsons, Buffy, Daily Show, Colbert). I need words from a wider range of old and new shows.
> Suggestions? I appreciate any leads.
> Mark Peters
I assume UK TV words would be irrelevant, though I would be happy trawl
for some if it would help. Meanwhile would you class 'Cowabunga!'
generally believed to have originated in Howdy Doody ('50s) and reborn
in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ('90s) as a word or is it a
(one-word) catchphrase. The Online Playground Dict defiones it as an
excl. meaning ‘Oh, my God!’ ‘Wow!’ ‘I’m impressed!’


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