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If that is the reason would not that be grounds to maintain that such acts of regular armies are indeed more "terrorist" than those of the "irregular band" since the governments behind those armies are, supposedly, more law abinding and more responsible than the "irregular band"!

But it is not fair for the government to judge all owners of these breeds as thugs and drug dealers. Many of us are law-abinding and responsible people and owners.

Maybe its just that die-hard Elvis fan in me, that thinks Elvis' memory
is being screwed again by representives of that bitch he married and
divorced, yes TNN divorced. Nobody on TV cares to call Cilla the ex-wife of
Elvis Presley -- they call her the wife. Excuse me, but they were divorced
for about 3 1/2 years before Elvis died.

Well, if Jordon goes down -- there is going to be a least a minor
protest. However, if EPE has legal grounds -- then we have no choice as law
abinding citizens of the consitution to obey. Law is law, but it suprises me
since many liberals are trying to rewrite the laws that those money
grubbing -- then again, maybe I'm not suprised.

"law abinding" gets 225 Google hits, and 84 hits in Google groups. It could be a typo, but might it also be people confusing "binding," as in contract, with "abiding."

James Callan

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