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arnold writes:
>a friend, in conversation last week, told a story of a visit to a
>museum, where their guide (according to my friend's report) "told us
>not to dwaddle".  he was certain this was the right word, and
>maintained he'd never heard "dawdle".  a new one to me.  but i see
>that there are a modest number of google webhits in this sense (plus
>some where "dwaddle" is a substitute for standard "twaddle" and some
>i don't understand). e.g.,
>You'll want to dwaddle here. Literature of the French Middle Ages.
This one  suggests to me  "dabble" ( with perhaps a little sampling of the
wares).  Wading might come into it, too.

Hard to believe one could grow up in an English-speaking household without
being told not to dawdle!


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