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Hello, Wilson and everyone.
In fact, 'frendessa' (singular) does exist online. The
three consonants in 'frendka' are just too hard to
pronounce (in my subjective opinion). Sounds more like

There even is 'frendA', though it's not so wide-spread.
Funny that the English-speaking community should notice
these 'Runglish' things only now. The process has been
going on since the 80-s.


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> Someone should have given old Adrian a hand with his
> and morphology. "Friendessi" should be frend-, to which
>has been added
>French -esse, with the final -e replaced by Russian -a
>and pluralized
> with Russian -y, yielding "frendessy." "Drrink" should
>be "drink" and
> "loozer" should be "liuzer." That's assuming that the
>author didn't
> simply make up these "words." "Frendessa" seems very
>unlikely. I'd
> expect "frendka," as in _sportsmen_ "sportsman" v.
> "sportswoman."
> -Wilson

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