Kimchi pizza

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Sun Jun 8 07:46:37 UTC 2008

Kimchi pajeon, also known as kimchi pancakes. Seafood pajeon is more
popular, but I prefer the kimchi sort.

I've never heard of kimchi dumplings. Mandu is the word for dumpling
in Korean (Jpn = gyoza, pot stickers), and sure enough, kimchi mandu
gets 6270 Googits.

I also just realized, I had searched for "kimchi pizza" rather than
"kim chee pizza." Perhaps there are earlier citations with the "chee"

Googling, "kimchi" gets about twice the hits as "kim chee." I always
thought "kim chee" was preferred in English. You have to take into
account that many hits are not written by native English speakers, but
the evidence for pajeon and pizza is strong for "kimchi" as well.
Perhaps there has been a shift (or perhaps "kimchi" was always
preferred). BB

On Jun 8, 2008, at 12:30 AM, LanDi Liu wrote:

> I read this with interest as kimchi pizza sounds fantastic.  My mouth
> was watering looking at the recipe.  But I haven't seen a kimchi pizza
> here (yet).  I would make one myself, but ovens are pretty rare also.
> I've only seen an oven in someone's house once -- in an apartment
> especially for foreigners (non-Chinese) in Beijing.  There are
> commercial ovens everywhere for making 饼 (bing3), pancake-type
> things,
> cookies, etc, but they're a little big for my kitchen.  Maybe I'll get
> chummy with a restaurant owner and get them to let me try the recipe.
> I just now asked around about other kimchi flavored things around here
> (I'm about 5 hours away from the North Korean border), and someone
> said there was such thing as a kimchi pancake, so I went out looking
> around the Korean stores and restaurants and found (and ate) one.
> It's a yellow-orange thing about 30cm in diameter, 1.5cm thick.  It
> appears to be made of flour, eggs, kimchi, and maybe some other
> spices.  If anyone's interested, email me and I'll try to get a more
> exact recipe.  It's pretty tasty, but I think it could use a lot more
> kimchi sauce.
> One of the stores sold kimchi dumplings, and said that they were
> available in South Korea.  I also think I've tried kimchi flavored
> potato chips, but other people around me say there's no such thing, so
> I may be confusing that memory with something else.  There are some
> strange flavors of potato chips here, like Peking roast duck,
> cucumber, lemon, and wasabi.
> Randy
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>> I'll bet Randy  (LanDi Liu) could add a thought or two on pizza in
>> China --
>> but I doubt anyone has ever seen a more interestingly named pizza
>> place than one that used to exist in NYC's lower east side (on the
>> edge of Chinatown): Noah Zark Pizza.
>> dh
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>> I finally found kimchi pizza a few weeks ago at Zayda Buddy's in
>> Seattle. It was everything I had dreamed of. Theirs has black olives
>> and Canadian bacon.

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