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Sun Jun 8 14:47:03 UTC 2008

At 3:30 PM +0800 6/8/08, LanDi Liu wrote:
>OT (nothing about dialects here):
>I read this with interest as kimchi pizza sounds fantastic.  My mouth
>was watering looking at the recipe.  But I haven't seen a kimchi pizza
>here (yet).  I would make one myself, but ovens are pretty rare also.
>I've only seen an oven in someone's house once -- in an apartment
>especially for foreigners (non-Chinese) in Beijing.  There are
>commercial ovens everywhere for making ±› (bing3), pancake-type things,
>cookies, etc, but they're a little big for my kitchen.  Maybe I'll get
>chummy with a restaurant owner and get them to let me try the recipe.
>I just now asked around about other kimchi flavored things around here
>(I'm about 5 hours away from the North Korean border), and someone
>said there was such thing as a kimchi pancake, so I went out looking
>around the Korean stores and restaurants and found (and ate) one.
>It's a yellow-orange thing about 30cm in diameter, 1.5cm thick.  It
>appears to be made of flour, eggs, kimchi, and maybe some other
>spices.  If anyone's interested, email me and I'll try to get a more
>exact recipe.  It's pretty tasty, but I think it could use a lot more
>kimchi sauce.

And faute de mieux you can always start with a 
standard scallion pancake (or my favorite, the 
haemul pajeon, a seafood scallion pancake with 
baby squid and such inside) and pile the kimchee 
on top instead of (or along with) the usual 
dipping sauce.

>One of the stores sold kimchi dumplings, and said that they were
>available in South Korea.  I also think I've tried kimchi flavored
>potato chips, but other people around me say there's no such thing, so
>I may be confusing that memory with something else.  There are some
>strange flavors of potato chips here, like Peking roast duck,
>cucumber, lemon, and wasabi.
>As far as western pizza in China, maybe you can find some decent
>places in huge cities, but around here all of the pizza places are
>regrettable.  The best generally available is Pizza Hut, which doesn't
>excite me too much.
>Sorry for being so off topic, but since it's the weekend and there's
>not much activity anyway, I hope I'll be forgiven.

And the 18th International Congress of Linguists 
( will be taking place in 
Seoul only six weeks from now; plenty of 
opportunity for research on kimchi pizza and 
related issues.


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