"bogge", v., = "boggle, balk,hesitate (at)", 1700

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Wed Dec 29 02:24:49 UTC 2010

"The more meek and fearful are hereby kept out of Gods House, while
the more conceited and presumptuous never bogge at this, or any thing else."

Gospel Order Revived ... (New York, 1700, p. 8.  [Not directly
verified.  Findable in EAI, ECCO.]

In David Flaherty, Privacy in Colonial New England (University Press
of Virginia, 1967), p. 147.

"bogge" v. = "to balk, hesitate (at)", not in OED.

Might be a "variant spelling" (if transcribed correctly by Flaherty)
of "boggle, v." sense 2, "To raise scruples, hesitate, demur, stickle
(at, occas. about, over, etc., or to do a thing)."  Or a verbal use
of "bog, bogge, n.2, A bugbear, a source of dread. to take bog: to
boggle.", last quotation 1676.

(I do not believe "bog, v.1" sense 1.a,  "To sink, submerge, or
entangle, in a bog. Also fig.", which in any case is trans., can be
extended to this.  Nor does sense 2, intr., "To sink and stick in a
bog", seem to fit.)


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